Burrata & 'nduja Doppio Ravioli with Sicilian Oregano & Tomato Sugo

Burrata & 'nduja Doppio Ravioli with Sicilian Oregano & Tomato Sugo

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  1. Bring water to a boil, season with 1 Tbsp salt/L of water.
  2. In a separate pan large enough to contain the pasta and sauce, add the Sicilian Oregano Tomato Sauce.  Warm the sauce with 2-3 Tbsp of pasta water and warm over low heat until simmering.
  3. Pick up the Doppio Ravioli from underneath, gently place into boiling salted water (You can also shimmy them off of the paper by picking up pinching the short ends of the paper together and sliding through the trough you've created)
  4. Allow to cook for about 2.5-3 minutes.  
  5. Strain the pasta into a basket or colander, or remove with a wire skimmer. 
  6. Transfer to pan with the Sicilian Oregano Tomato Sauce and bring a few more tablespoons pasta water along with it.  
  7. Allow to simmer together for 1-2 minutes over medium high heat, gently tipping the pan away from and back toward you, or use a rotating motion to keep your pasta moving. You just want to avoid allowing the pasta to sit in one spot where it may get stuck to the pan.  If the sauce seems a little tight, add a splash of water, bring to a simmer and swirl the pan one last time.  Remove from heat.
  8. Once the pasta appears glazed and well coated, serve and enjoy.  The finished product should coat the pasta well as in the photo.


  • Parmesan, pecorino or any grated cheese you like
  • If you want to take this to full pepperoni pizza town, add a drizzle of honey to the finished plate.  Aged balsamico would also work in case you can't commit to honey (at least it's not ham and pineapples amirite?)
  • If veggies are in order, roasted broccoli(ni) or mushrooms fits the profile.

Pasta: 00 Pasta Flour, Egg, Olive Oil, Salt, Milk, Tempesta 'nduja, Burrata, Ricotta

Sauce: San Marzano Tomato, Onion, Garlic, Carrot, Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper, Sicilian Oregano

Fresh handmade ravioli pasta.

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