Gemma Foods canestri handmade fresh pasta to be paired with vodka sauce.


Canestri go by a few other names (lumache, pipe rigate) but the translation to "basket" seems to be the most accurate descriptor of these ridged beauties. Canestri is a hollow, ridged pasta perfect for capturing lots of our creamy Vodka sauce. 


  1. Bring water to a boil, season with 1.5 Tbsp Salt/L of water
  2. In a separate pan large enough to contain the pasta and sauce, add the Vodka Sauce with 2-3 tablespoons of water. Warm the sauce and melt over low heat.  
  3. Drop Canestri in boiling water. Allow to cook for 2.5 minutes (avoid dropping these in water that hasn't reached a boil yet, or they will be soft!)  
  4. Strain the pasta into a basket or colander, or remove with a wire skimmer.  
  5. Transfer to pan with the vodka sauce.
  6. Allow to simmer together for 1-2 minutes over medium high heat, gently tipping the pan away from and back toward you, or use a rotating motion to keep your pasta moving. You just want to avoid allowing the pasta to sit in one spot where they may get stuck to the pan.  
  7. Once the pasta appears glazed and well coated, serve and enjoy. 


  • Parmesan, pecorino or any grated cheese you like  
  • A smoky cheese (i.e. Scamorza) would be lovely, too
  • This sauce is vegetarian, but you could add crumbled or link Italian sausage or pancetta, cooked in the pan before Step 2
  • Another great idea is to add our Meatballs.


Pasta: Semolina, Egg, Salt, Water

Sauce: Butter, Water, Vidalia Onion, Calabrian Chile puree, Vodka, San Marzano Tomato, Mascarpone, Cream, Salt, Lambrusco Vinegar

Fresh handmade ravioli pasta.

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