06 Braciole Ravioli alla Marinara

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06 Braciole Ravioli alla Marinara

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That’s bra-joel if you’ve ever watched a Soprano’s episode, but this preparation of beef has iterations all over Italy in addition to being an Italian-American staple. Braciole is one of those dishes born out of necessity - usually a way to extend a cut of meat to feed a whole family. Beef is pounded into a thin sheet, stuffed and rolled, then seared and braised in tomato.
Our braciole is in line with tradition, but we incorporated plenty of garlic and caciocavallo cheese in the filling. Ours started as chuck flap steaks (well marbled, tender when braised, nice grain) and finished as a decadent ravioli filling served in its San Marzano tomato braise. We refreshed the braising liquid with our base marinara which is just lovely on its own but further enriched here with braciole essence.

2 servings is 12oz of pasta and 12oz of sauce.

CONTAINS: Egg, Wheat, Milk