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Gemma Foods was created in the summer of 2020 as a way to share the joy of pasta with friends and family when we couldn't physically be together.  Over a few short months, we grew from a handful of customers to servicing an entire community.  We are currently building the future home of Gemma Foods in Chicago which will allow us to bring you (yes, you!) our fresh pasta.  If you're in any part of Chicagoland, plus parts of Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin, we'll be seeing you soon.  

All food recipes are designed & created by Chef/Founder Tony Quartaro, whose background is steeped in some of the best Italian restaurants in the country having worked in SF, NYC and Chicago.  Gemma means "gem" in Italian, and is Tony's daughter's name -- it pays homage to the keeper of the Italian food traditions, the matrona (matriarch), without whom the variety of regional shapes would not exist.  

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