02 Paccheri with Sunday Gravy
02 Paccheri with Sunday Gravy

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02 Paccheri with Sunday Gravy

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The name Paccheri is derived from the verb "to slap" - pure serendipity as we pair it with our Sunday Gravy for a dish that truly slaps! 

All Sunday Gravies have an origin story: Nonna inspired, maximizing flavor extraction from off cuts of pork, extra bits of sausage, meatballs or prosciutto scraps on hand, simmering in tomatoes and broth for all hours of the morning and afternoon.  Ours is no different - we use a healthy amount of onions, rosemary, white wine and pork products combined with San Marzano tomato and rich chicken & beef stock - some of our crumbled meatballs find a way in, too. 

2-3 servings is 1 lb. of pasta